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 "Mankind always desires delightful life as well as our society demands better environments.

For the sake of meeting those expectations, with policy of having high techniques and confidence, we, Taihei Engineering Co., Ltd. have created comfortable environments." 

In order to assess the buildings totally and offer the best surroundings, we cover a broad range of business, from design and construction of air conditioning facilities, water supply and drainage systems, sanitation systems, fire prevention systems and electric facilities of office buildings, stores, factories, condominiums and housings to integrated maintenance management of such buildings. 

 We also deal with restaurants, resort accommodations, medical care services, health care services, real estate business and financial business so that we can pursue further social values. 

 By maximizing our admirable resources such as “Reliable Techniques”, “Faithful Works” and “Experienced Experts”, we have kept contributing to the society and furthermore, our business has been growing steadily. 

 We promise to promote technology advance, responsible workmanship and appropriate services and continue playing a role in creating more comfortable environment. 

We really appreciate for all customers and your tremendous cooperation. 


Yours Truly, 

Satoshi Goto

Chief Executive Officer

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